What is Btcminingsoft? is one of the easiest and feature packed bitcoin cloud mining platform in the world utilizing a remote data center with shared processing power. Our service allows users to mine bitcoins without having to manage their own hardware.
What is B.M.S?
B.M.S is an acronym For Btcminingsoft
Can I Start Mining?
According to our Terms of use, Any one above 18 can start mining.
What are The Steps To Start Earning?
To Start Earning Please Follow The Steps Below
  • Complete Your Registration
  • Login With Details Provided via Email
  • Fund Your Account With A minimum Of $100
  • Navigate To Any Service Offered You Wish To Start With
  • Choose Product
  • Earn According To Your Choosen Product
What Is The Minimum And Maximun Amount To Deposit?
You Deposit Any Amount You Wish But Note That Minimum Amount Needed To Start Earning Is $100
How Do I Receive My Profits?
You Receive Your Profit In Bitcoins To Any Wallet Address Of Your Choice.
What Is The Minimum Withdrawal Amount?
There Is No Minimum Withdrawal, You Can Withdraw Any Amount From Your Profit.
How can I Retrieve My Password?
To Retrive Your Password, Talk To The Customer Support.
How many times can i Reinvest?
There are no limits to how many times one can reinvet from account. however, note that mining has a limit of 3 per plan before upgrade is required.